Youth-Based Programming

Women of Tomorrow

Women of Tomorrow

A Leadership & Character Development Program


Each year, the Greenwood Cultural Center is proud to offer Women of Tomorrow, a program design to help disadvantaged women within the local community.

Women of Tomorrow is a leadership and character development program sponsored by the Greenwood Cultural Center. 

The program is designed to:

•     Positively impact the academic development and achievement of students

•     Promote the development of healthy lifestyles

•     Develop leadership skills, self-respect and positive characteristics

•     Promote civic engagement and community service as servant leaders

•     Improve self-esteem

Weekly meetings are held on Saturdays from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the Greenwood Cultural Center.  The program is offered for free. 

Classes resume in January 2019.  To enroll, please contact 918.596.1026. 

Courtney Johnson

Program Coordinator


Young Entrepreneurs Summer Program

The program is held in June from 9AM-5PM for children ages 5 - 12.  Doors open at 8AM.  The program explores the history of Black Wall Street and the pioneering African-American entrepreneurs that made it the most prosperous black-owned business district in the country during its time.  The program teaches basic principles of entrepreneurship for kids such as creating a product, marketing and mentorship.  Children spend the month creating items such as t-shirts, bracelets, bath bombs, etc. that they then market in a recreated Black Wall Street Marketplace at the Greenwood Cultural Center.  

The fee is $175 for the month.  

Lunch, supplies and field trips are included.  Space is limited.  Call 918.596.1020 to enroll 


Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools Program

 The CDF Freedom Schools model incorporates the totality of the Children's Defense Fund's mission by fostering environments that support children and young adults to excel and believe in their ability to make a difference in themselves and in their families, schools, communities, nation, and world. College age young adults are trained as servant leader interns to deliver the integrated reading curriculum (IRC) and adults are trained as site coordinators and project directors to provide supervision and administrative oversight.

CDF Freedom Schools program sites are safe and restorative learning spaces where:

  • children are surrounded by caring adults and college age young adults from their community (at a classroom ratio of 1:10) who share their enthusiasm for learning and reading, and commit to serving them as authentic mentors;
  • children read high quality books and are engaged in learning activities that are appropriate to their developmental needs and interests;
  • each day begins with "Harambee!" a 30-minute activity to celebrate and affirm the value of each participant and prepare for work and learning ahead
  • families have access to free and high quality childcare.

The program serves 110 children and is offered free of charge. $25 Registration fee.  Parent involvement is mandatory!  Enrollment is May 1, 2019.

The program is made possible with the support of Ruth K. Nelson, George Kaiser Family Foundation, the Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation and the Maxine & Jack Zarrow Family Foundation.


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